Grow your space – grow your business

  • Let your pergola do your marketing. An architecturally integrated shady space or illuminated nighttime gathering place, your pergola will give your business a presence.

  • A destination: Your pergola will give your clients the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and provide you a differentiator in a crowded market.

  • Providing shelter from rain and snow, variable sun and shade. Your pergola system allows you to expand your usable space and increase your usable time.  Let us help you determine the ROI.

Invest in your future

  • Engineered to withstand all types of weather conditions – and fully warranted.  Your pergola is built to last and to be virtually maintenance free.

  • Keep it simple: Ease of operation to automatic controls allow your employees to serve your clients, not waste time with umbrella tables.

  • Protect your investment: Your pergola will protect your outdoor space and your outdoor furniture.  

  • Controlling sun and shade on your business helps you control the interior of your business, reducing cooling costs and protecting indoor furnishings.